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Henry has years of experience of mastering hundreds of albums in all sorts of genres. His philosophy is to give your tracks Maximum Emotional Impact, to over-deliver on service, and to get the best results regardless of how long it takes. And guess what - you don't pay till you're happy!

Free Trial Offer!

We're confident that we can get the best out of your music, so we're offering this Free Mastering Trial. Get in touch if you've got a project ready to go, then you can send one of your tracks and we'll master it - no obligation, no charge if you don't like it. Email or phone - click on CONTACT for details.


Henry has vast experience of all sorts of music from over 25 years of CD mastering work, and also a longer history of bin-loop mastering for cassette duplication, including household name chart hits. So he's heard a huge amount of music in just about every genre you can think of, and under critical listening conditions. Because of this, he knows what a good mix sounds like - which puts him in a unique position to help you get the best out of your studio mixes.

Maximum Emotional Impact what we aim for. First we listen to your mixes formulating an overview of how the tracks could potentially sound. Then we focus in on the detail of the processing required in order to achieve it.


We always approach audio mastering from the musical viewpoint, so we notice things about dynamics, the ebb and flow of a track, and how it's affected by the relationships of the different sections of a track to each other, as well as the more technical issues of EQ balance and level.

Music Loudness

We don't agree with maximum loudness being the main aim of mastering. Loudness is important, but so are balance and clarity. Here it's all about enhancing what's already there to achieve Maximum Emotional Impact. You can have LOUD if you want it, but the new algorithms built into the major streaming platforms mean that restricting the dynamic range too much can actually make your music sound worse! Find out the latest on Music Loudness HERE.

The Studio

Home and budget studios are great for recording, but dubious monitoring and dodgy acoustics can mean that if you've never heard your music in an accurate listening environment, then you may not know how your mixes really sound. But here, in addition to the acoustic tuning - bass traps, acoustic tiles and corner absorbers - the studio is equipped with the amazing TACT room correction system, giving us a time-aligned flat frequency monitoring environment in which to make accurate sonic decisions. Here's the techy stuff...

  • Neumann KH310A active 3-way speakers, renowned for their astonishing sound quality and performance.

  • DAWs: SADiE 24/96 and Magix Samplitude & Sequoia via RME 192K interface. Plug-ins: SADiE & Magix native, UAD, Steven Slate, Voxengo & Waves. Dynameter loudness meter.

  • Classic analog outboard - Ted Fletcher P9 mastering EQ, and P38 'Edward The Compressor,

Thanks for reading so far. While you're here, you can have a listen to some Music tracks that we've Mastered, read some Testimonials from clients, look at our Gallery of CD covers from some of the hundreds of albums we've mastered, and find out about getting CDs made. Hope to hear from you soon - and don't forget the FREE Mastering Trial offer! Cheers,

Music Tracks

Some tracks from some of the albums, EPs and singles mastered here. This is Player 1 - currently 56 tracks on high-quality 320 Kb MP3, covering a variety of musical genres. More to come as and when - hope you like them.


There are more tracks in Player 2. Click the link below to open both players in a new browser window or tab, so that you can listen at the same time as browsing in this window/tab.



Unmastered v Mastered example track.
Starts with Unmastered, but keep your volume down, as the Mastered portions kick in louder!

Image Gallery


'Generation Panic EP' by Quivering Lip“I never hesitate to recommend Henry to our clients at The Cream Room - the service provided matches our own dedication to creating great results for our clients and I know that Henry will work with us to make our productions really shine."

Martin Lumsden - Cream Room Sound Productions

'Blinded By The Light' by This Circle“I previewed my track on a well-known online music mastering software provider and was very disappointed with the results - the highs were very harsh even on their lowest settings. The difference Henry Smithson made was remarkable, giving the right balance, clarity and that magic sparkle and polish required to lift my track. I highly recommend if you’re looking for a professional service and result."

Carl Sutton - This Circle

'Apparently' by The Hackers“Hi Henry, thanks for the work you've put into this - it really is sounding great!”
“Henry, we've got the CDs, they look great and we are very pleased with them . Thank you for all your help.”

The Hackers

Mega Dodo Records - 'The Window On The Side Of Your Head' by Icarus Peel's Acid Reign“At Mega Dodo we know how important it is to get our records and compact discs sounding just right. That’s why we have used Henry Smithson exclusively to master our releases. Henry always does a fantastic job, always goes that extra mile to make sure everything sounds perfect and does so for a very reasonable price. If you’re looking for somebody to master your record to the highest standards, look no further than Henry Smithson. You won’t be disappointed."

John Blaney - Mega Dodo record label

'The Mayor of Toytown is Dead' by Mordecai Smyth“Henry Smithson has both the ears and equipment to bring your mixes to life and make them sound great on any sound system: be it audiophile quality, basic computer speakers or "ear buds". He made such a wonderful job of mastering my album, "The Mayor of Toytown is Dead", I wouldn't hesitate in recommending him to anyone.”

Mordecai Smyth

Rates & Payment

Typical Mastering Prices

Single track - £40

Up to 4 tracks - £30 per track

Up to 7 tracks - £25 per track

Up to 10 tracks - £22 per track

Over 10 tracks - £20 per track


These seem to cover most cases. But if your tracks are 10-minute mini-epics the price may vary!

Call or email to discuss your project. You'll get an estimate there and then. After receiving your tracks for evaluation you'll get a proper quote and that's what you'll pay.

Extras For Manufacturing

Red Book CD Master Disc - suitable for Duplication or Replication* - £15
(inc. postage by 1st class Recorded Delivery)

DDP Master Files - for Replication* - £25
(inc. listening copy on audio CD for approval, posted by 1st class Recorded Delivery)


*Many CD Pressing plants now insist on Audio Masters delivered electronically as DDP files -
check with your Manufacturer.


Bank Transfer (preferred) • PayPal • Credit/Debit Card via PayPal • Cash/Cheque (by arrangement)




Replication & Design

The CD is not dead! There's still money to be made selling physical product, especially if you're a gigging band or artist. So why not let us quote for your CD manufacturing. We've got huge experience in the pressing and duplication of CD and DVD discs and the various packaging options available. And if you're looking for help with the packaging design, I'm equally knowledgeable in the issues involved in the preparation of artwork and the printing of the packaging, and skilled in the use of Adobe software to design and produce artwork that looks good and is compatible with the print processes.


Artwork & Design by Henry
  • Reliable service and competitive pricing are the hallmarks of our CD and DVD Replication service.

  • Guaranteed quality pressing, full-colour litho on-disc print and a choice of all the common packaging formats.

  • Call for free expert help and advice in any aspect of optical disc manufacturing - even if you're just thinking about it!

Artwork & Design

Artwork & Design by Henry
  • Send your photos, pictures, logos and text, and we'll put the whole thing together for you, from start to finish, with creativity and expertise.

  • Or if you've already got artwork done, but lack the experience and software to create print-ready files, we can do the tricky work of checking it, applying it to the right templates, and creating the press-ready files needed for print.


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