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Design & Artwork


When it comes to design and artwork, our customers usually fall into one of three categories...


1. You might be, or you might have access to, someone skilled in design who knows how to provide artwork that is creative, which also conforms to the strict technical requirements of CD plants in terms of being laid out to the correct dimensions, and supplied on the correct templates and in the correct file formats.

In which case you don't need us - you can hopefully supply artwork ready to go.


2. You might be, or you might have access to, someone who can handle the creative side of putting together artwork to the right dimensions, but struggles with the technical side of templates and file formats.

In which case call us and we'll tell you how to send what you've got so we can handle the technical stuff for you.

CD Mastering by Henry studio


3. You might know nothing about putting artwork together and need someone to do the whole thing from scratch. All you might have is some photos, a track listing and some notes you've written.

In which case, call us and tell us what you've got. Then send it all to us, and we'll put the whole thing together for you, from start to finish, with creativity and expertise.


Call for a quote. It will vary according to what sort of packaging is involved - for instance, artwork for a 12-page booklet is going to cost more than for a 4-page booklet. So the best thing is to talk to us about the project and we'll give you an estimate, and then a definite price once we've seen what you've got.


Here are some recent examples of artwork we've put together...


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