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Mastering Digital Audio Workstation

Henry has vast experience of all sorts of music from over 25 years of CD mastering work, and also a longer history of bin-loop mastering for cassette duplication, including household name chart hits. So he's heard a huge amount of music in just about every genre you can think of, and under critical listening conditions. Because of this, he knows what a good mix sounds like - which puts him in a unique position to help you get the best out of your studio mixes.

Our Promise To You...

Our promise is to always over-deliver, and to get the best results we can, regardless of how long it takes us. The mastering can be handled totally online with minimal contact - or you can take advantage of our legendary personal service and consultation to get feedback on your mixes before mastering, discuss your project in detail with us, and get advice on duplication and replication.

Maximum Emotional Impact what we aim for. First we listen to a client's mixes and then use our experience to formulate an overview of how the tracks could potentially sound. Then we focus in on the detail of the processing required in order to achieve it. We've always approached audio mastering from the musical viewpoint, so we notice things about dynamics, the ebb and flow of a track, and how it's affected by the relationships of the different sections of a track to each other, as well as the more technical issues of EQ balance and level.

Music Loudness

We don't agree with maximum loudness being the main aim of mastering. Loudness is important, but so are balance and clarity. You can have LOUD if you want it, but the new algorithms built into the major streaming platforms mean that restricting the dynamic range too much can actually make your music sound worse! Click the menu link for the latest on Music Loudness.

The Studio

Home and budget studios are great for recording, but dubious monitoring and dodgy acoustics can mean that if you've never heard your music in an accurate listening environment, then you may not know how your mixes really sound. But here, in addition to the acoustic tuning - bass traps, acoustic tiles and corner absorbers - the studio is equipped with the amazing TACT room correction system, giving us a time-aligned flat frequency monitoring environment in which to make accurate sonic decisions. Here's the techy stuff...

  • Neumann KH310A active 3-way speakers, renowned for their astonishing sound quality and performance.

  • DAWs: Magix Samplitude & Sequoia via RME 192K interface.
    Plug-ins: Magix native, UAD, Waves, Steven Slate, Voxengo, Eventide & Weiss.
    Dynameter loudness meter.

  • Classic analog outboard - Ted Fletcher P9 mastering EQ, and P38 'Edward The Compressor.

More About Mastering

Click the link for further info on our other services, plus file formats for sending us your tracks, and what you get back when we send back your mastered tracks...



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