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More About Mastering

How To Send Tracks

What we need for mastering is full resolution WAV or AIFF files in any format between 16-bit 44.1K up to 24-bit 96K. Because these files are way too big to email, you can send them via an upload/download service like WeTransfer, YouSendIt or DropBox.

Or you can use the low-tech method of posting me the files on a USB stick, or on a CD-R or DVD-R disc. We can also handle old masters on DAT or MiniDisc. We've even got cassette decks in a cupboard somewhere!


Please DO NOT send MP3 files, mixes that are overloaded and clipped, or mixes that have already been treated with heavy compression and/or limiting over the stereo buss. Thanks!

What You Get Back

The normal thing is to supply mastered tracks as 16 or 24-bit 44.1K WAV or AIFF files. 16-bit is standard CD quality, and 24-bit is a good basis for dowmsampling to MP3 or AAC for download. Also, a lot of download sites these days allow you to upload the WAV files so that a purchaser can choose the download format they want and the site automatically takes care of the conversion to that format. We can also accomodate most other common audio formats if you have any special requirements.


If you are having CDs manufactured we can supply you with a Red Book CD Master disc suitable for short-run Duplication, or DDP Files which are required for bulk Replication (that's runs of 500 or more pressed CDs). With these master formats ISRC Codes and CD Text can be encoded into the master if required. We can also handle manufacturing for you - check out the 'CD Manufacturing' and 'Design & Artwork' pages.

Other Services

Editing, restoration, transfers, ISRC coding
  • Audio Restoration - DeNoise, Dehiss, Declip, DeClick, Decrackle for audio cleanup.

  • Editing.- Radio edits, assembly of music or voiceover recordings from multiple takes.

  • Transfers - Professional transfers from older digital or analog formats - DAT, Minidisc and Cassette.

  • ISRC Coding - We can add ISRC codes and / or CD Text to existing masters if required.


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